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This is the first blog post of since 2011. In 2007 I started my first blog, right here on and in 2008 a book was born, in 2009 that book published: Teetering on Disaster.

After that, I took a nice long hiatus from sharing in this way, likely a combination of blog-out exhaustion and the fact that the market was becoming saturated with blogs. How different would my life be if I’d kept running with it, kept up the social media motivation and the hype? But I took a different journey, I went silent on social media, married my amazing husband, had a beautiful son, and became a licensed marriage and family therapist, published another book and started my private practice. Today I have a beautiful family, with an incredibly bright child who I was present with for every moment of his young years. Something I will always cherish.

But as the wheels would have it, my son started Kindergarten last year, and it seemed like a good time to dive back in, always loving photography I reticently signed up for Instagram. There were a lot of personal changes during that year of my life, a lot of growth, a lot of learning…one thing I started to realize is that so many people are not living the life they want. I had spent a lot of silent years digging into me, to heal from the inside out with love, knowing that self-love had to come above all else.

In April, 2017 I set out on a journey to share that with others. Insert hashtag #beyou here. In September a person I follow, @yoga_girl started a 30-day yoga challenge, and that seemed like the perfect way to insert myself wholeheartedly.

Thirty days of #yogaeverydamnday was the mission that @yoga_girl tasked us with, she also tasked us with honesty of how we were growing through the process each day. What I got during the 30 days far exceeded my hopes, I found intention.

Yoga Girl was not the best at responding or liking comments, which is fair seeing as how she has 2.1 million followers, so this challenge had to come entirely from within.

Each day I challenged myself to be vulnerable and open to the social media community, something I have not done since Teetering on Disaster published in 2009. But yoga has a way of digging into the depths of our being and pushing us to explore what we find.

The best part of this challenge was going to new studios and meeting new yogi instructors. Each experience I had was so unique and delivered exactly what I needed (as no coincidence would have it.) After 30 days I felt as if I were walking on clouds. Focused on future goals, clean in body, spirit and mind.

But what happened immediately following the completion of my 30 days, was the deadliest mass shooting in American history. I realized that 30 days of hard work was quickly becoming abolished, with sadness and anger. I didn’t want to stop walking forward with compassion and love…and that is the reason I started the blog. Thirty days isn’t enough…it takes a life time of work and gentle reminders to be the best you that you can be.

Blogs typically have a theme, right; people like that sort of predictability- travel, food, yoga…I have struggled with this, I don’t believe life is lived in a box, with so many of our experiences shaping our life.

So the theme for this blog is “#beyou: A Candid Inspirational Journey.” What I do promise is that I will keep it positive – it will be real, it will be authentic, but I will focus on drawing a connection to personal growth in some way, so that you leave feeling a little lighter than when you came. I am hopeful this blog will blossom into a book, I don’t know what that book will look like, fiction or otherwise, but I am excited to see where the journey will take me.

I know I am supposed to be writing again, and I am not supposed to keep those words to myself. When I first started using #beyou in early 2016 there were 5 posts, now there are hundreds of

If you are along for the journey, join me on instagram for inspirational photos! If you feel so inspired, use hashtag #beyoufindhappy (so I can find you), I will keep on the lookout for your posts and we can collaborate!

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