• Ready to live life happier?

    Attend a workshop or speaker event!

    Our workshops and speaker events give are a great way to learn some of the basic tools without the full immersion into our retreat. We recommend this for anyone who wants to start a positive shift in their life.

  • Upcoming Workshops

    Each workshop is designed with the key elements of "Be You Find Happy" but each is unique.

    Pre-Registration is required where specified via a link, all the rest are walk-in basis!

    Fall Reflections - September 6- 6pm to 8pm

    2 Hour Mini Workshop

    This workshop will help you put the past behind you and focus on setting positive intentions for the upcoming year. It will be held outdoors in Coloma-Lotus.


    During this workshop you will enjoy rock painting, Shinrin Roku and other back to basics activities to reset your mind to baseline.


    This is a beginner workshop, so no prior experience is needed! Please plan on wearing comfortable clothing (think yoga pants, gym shorts). We will have waters available, but feel free to bring a non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.


    We recommend enjoying dinner in historic Coloma prior to the workshop.



    Art for the Mind - October 2018 - 6pm- 8pm

    2 Hour Mini Workshop

    This workshop focuses on all the basic elements of the retreat (silencing negative self talk, building confidence, facing fears and setting boundaries), in a concise 3 hour format using creative tools such as art and poems. You will leave this workshop with a solid foundation for positive change and silencing negative self talk.


    This workshop is $50 and is held in a private therapy office.

    Accessing happiness - More Dates To Come -

    Speaker Event

    "Happiness is much simpler than we realize."


    At this speaker event, Michaela Renee Johnson, LMFT, small business owner and co-founder of Be You Find Happy will share insight the truth behind the hashtag, diving into topics surrounding silencing negative self talk, building confidence, setting boundaries and being your authentic self to find your direction to intrinsic happiness, regardless of the life circumstances.

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